TruDenta® is a system designed to treat chronic headaches and migraines. Rather than focusing on just the pain itself, TruDenta emphasizes treating the cause of the pain.

Research in recent years has indicated that the causes of headaches; migraines; vertigo; TMJ disorders; and face, jaw and neck aches are related. Unequal forces in the mouth influence different areas of your head, prompting nerve responses that result in pain and discomfort. Trauma, poor posture or other medical conditions may also be a source for your pain.

Our dentists will begin with an assessment to determine the cause of your pain. This assessment will include a bite force analysis, a range of motion analysis, a muscle exam, and a discussion of your headache and health history. Based on the findings in your assessment and your discussion with our dentists, we will create a customized TruDenta treatment plan.

TruDenta works by “resetting” or “re-preparing” the muscles and nerves in your head and neck to promote proper function and may include one or more of the following procedures:

TruDenta treatments usually last about 50 minutes. We invite you to call our office today to learn more about TruDenta headache and migraine relief, and schedule your consultation with our dentists. You no longer need to live with persistent pain!