Our dentists and team take a holistic approach to dental care in order to promote your overall health and wellness in addition to your smile and oral health. By using this holistic approach, we can identify and treat root causes of problems, providing minimally invasive treatments and placing the least amount of stress possible on your body to assist you in regaining your health quickly. Call Annapolis Green Dental today at 410-224-4500 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gena Schultheis and associates and learn more about holistic dental care in Crownsville, Annapolis and Dunkirk, Maryland.

Dentistry and Overall Health

Your mouth is a door to the rest of your body, and your oral health is very closely linked to your overall health. In fact, studies have shown significant connections between oral health and systemic medical conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. By treating dental conditions such as periodontal disease, you can also improve your oral health. Similarly, overall health issues can also cause or exacerbate oral health problems. Our dentists and team make every effort to address your health using holistic approaches, which include nutrition, supplements and other natural treatment options.

Our holistic approach considers the long-term effects of dental treatments on the body. This includes the impact chemicals used in certain materials may have as well as procedures that sometimes produce adverse health effects. When we design your treatment plan, we choose procedures and materials that are safer and healthier for you both now and long-term.

Our dentists and team continually research and train to find the latest and most effective natural methods of treatment so that we can provide you with care that will promote your health. We are also a “green” dental office, working to reduce and eliminate toxic materials and use the most bio-inert and biocompatible products available.

Natural, Holistic Treatments

Our holistic treatments and materials include:

  • SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) amalgam removal
  • Healthy, chemical-free cleanings
  • Metal-free crowns, bridges and veneers
  • Ozone therapy for bacteria elimination
  • Biocompatibility testing
  • Biocompatible, metal-free dental materials
  • Fluoride-free tooth remineralization
  • Ultrasonic scalers
  • Minimally invasive laser treatment for gum disease
  • Cold lasers to treat TMJ pain
  • Natural teeth whitening
  • Natural alternatives to root canal therapy
  • Supplements and natural remedies to improve oral health, promote natural healing and help prevent pain


If you have any questions about our holistic approach or holistic treatment options, please contact our office. Our team will be happy to provide you with additional information and help you schedule a consultation with our dentists.